Avoiding System Development Pitfalls in the IT Decision Making Processes - Dissertation ExampleLikewise, a brief observation of these categorized characteristics of various applications, many categories have been projected. Sprague and Watson proposed the performance dimension of the systems can be categorized or can be divided in to four levels i.e. basic data processing systems, integrated data processing systems, management information systems and decision support systems (Hogue, 1985). However, the research and technology for the DSS continue to revolutionize and by 1996, Whinton and Holsapple proposed five particular types of DSS. These specialized DSS types were text-oriented DSS, database-oriented DSS, spread-sheet-oriented DSS, solver-oriented DSS, and rule-oriented DSS (Power,). Moreover, these last four DSS types were again divided into seven categories proposed by Arnott and Pervan (Burstein & Holsapple,).

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